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Cereal Milk

by Cereal Milk

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Niek || Add To Wantlist Here is a band that literally is leaving it all out there. Cereal Milk is an intense though melodic record, with a singer absolutely singing his heart out. It’s a dynamic record, with plenty of palm muting, cool guitar riffs, and well timed tempo and soft-loud variations. Favorite track: Blueberry Pancakes.
Trever Ducote
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Trever Ducote Thank U Cereal Milk ILY <3 Favorite track: Hotel On Main.
Aaron Ponzo
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Aaron Ponzo hey kris hope ya been well! Favorite track: Coach Class Anecdote.
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Band Patches 03:22
wanted to tell you your eyes were wild like frayed electric wires but i'm glad i kept my lips tight afraid you might take it as a compliment when i really meant it as a scared and concerned observation headphones deep in my ears singing to "Bad Kids" a futile gesture to communicate if you think you can.. if you can behave like an island, then i can be the cartographer who blots you out by putting a body of water over the area of land where you actually exist. every time i see that old english script tattooed across someone else's sensitive skin i'll think about the place you pushed your friends and i'll think about the place that i pushed my friends too-- relegated to the fringes of the band patches on our denim jackets. last leg somewhere outside of LA i took your phone call with my one last shred of grace you asked for my password and username to stream a movie with a tinder date well, i hope you discover he's into Sevendust with impersonal arms and a lust for status and an overdose of dead end charm.
like this last christmas eve i stayed up until three crafting presents for my family clippings from old magazines sitting awkwardly on top of my feet they were numb and asleep before my drugs of choice i bent and bowed my knees said a facetious prayer it went, life is tragic (not to be insensitive) but i shoot from the hip and you keep me equipped i have the least amount of patience when i feel like own too much shit. (amen) well this morning i woke up and tied up my robe and made a cup of coffee with three tablespoons of grounds and nine ounces of boiling water and i called my mom she keeps me feeling balanced when my heart wont stop racing i make blueberry pancakes, isn't that right mr. ruiz? isn't that right mr. ducote? isn't that right mr. shortsleeve? and, i listened to both sides of "Sentimental Health" because this album reminds me what it means to make music that is heartfelt. and why most nights i have my cold bed all alone to my cold self.
206 Bones 02:58
Stanley 02:51
when you take off your carefully chosen clothes with someone you've been getting to know or, getting out of the bathtub when you were three a wet towel wrapped around your shivering body french toast and spur of the moment love notes a codine coat and annie's dreamboat i was with pat and trev and eric while jason anderson spilled his soul with chelsea in my loft watching heavens gate initiation videos food that we left in the fridge out of sight often times goes to waste and in the worst way, and i didn't want to let this band-aid stay wrapped around my finger for a week. and as the crowd swelled, i could sense you, your hands were covering your face. because you knew, oh, you knew... then, as they dropped the gates and the bets were placed your's was against me. like some insider trade, you were privy to my fate-- i'm the horse with the broken leg.
Molasses 02:46
Lip Balm Boy 03:24
count out my emergency contact coins with a steady adderall hand and a tremolo voice laid out the spoils of an old testament war well i was leaving for Seattle and i forgot my skateboard. walk me to the train station my anxious sweat will anoint or, usher in the initial stages of my pink hair ploy my ring finger tan line choice. we parted with a hug and i waited for the train that phone call from cait was like a ginger soda to my brain. went to take a shit and that lady barged right in oh, what that growler contained each time i'd drop one in i'd call out your name walking down towards 35th North what those coins became: a skateboard that i bought that would carry my weight. willow fly-catcher's song won't you point, to the Petro east of Kingman i've got a squeaky CV joint. when i was your lip balm boy


Flagstaff songwriter Kris Kohl led the band Cereal Milk in the mid-late 2010's, a highlight among the many greats in Arizona's perennially bullshit-free rock community. Self-described as "alt-emo", Kohl's diaristic and intimate lyrics recall those of Bay Area greats such as Blake Schwarzenbach or Aaron Cometbus, with expansive riffs that could probably trace their roots back to 1980's Minneapolis. A big-hearted record for all you sentimental rockers out there.

Liner notes by Cesar Ruiz:

"None of our friends locked their doors, the houses had open arms. I recall afternoons walking with a guitar case and slipping into the cozy kitchen. Muffled music would reverberate throughout the tiny wood frames, as if a ghost was still living in cramped spaces. There I would find Kris working out the bass parts for "Coach Class Anecdote" or "Heaven's Gate Initiation Video". We'd share some snacks and talk about hypothetical comedic situations or our thoughts on a friend's new album. Those days could also be draining and lethargic, informed by caffeine deficiencies, gray skies, strained working environments. For the people circulating in the Cereal Milk galaxy (The Milky Way), stories of our time in Arizona and our constant touring (in and out of Cereal Milk) pervaded every corner. Often, we would strive for nothing more than the opportunity to share moments with each other. People who have involved themselves in this itinerant world of DIY music understand this impulse.

Memories (from both Kris and others) are pinned as reference points for specific feelings. Tales of spontaneous crushes appearing and closing. Conversations via a phone chat or talking about war on a train. Allusions to mystical Christian themes; once participation, now retrospection.

There is mention of locations such as Seattle, Los Angeles, Arizona, La Conchita. America is a large landscape and we have a musical tradition where cities and states are named and given life through a storyteller. The life of a traveling musician is filled with souvenirs that link an experience to place.

Other music is present: Phil Lynott, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Watercolor Paintings, Jason Anderson, Dogbreth. Kris would be trying out different versions of lyrics at live shows; in "Band Patches", JAMC used to be Sevendust and in "Molasses", Watercolor used to be Weezer. In Music World, we wear our influences across our backs and it can be embarrassing to remember how serious we used to be. But despite all character faults, there are pivotal records and live shows that will always remain religious.

We live in different cities now. I would say Cereal Milk has reached a completion as a project. These songs had been jumping inside Jack's hard drive for a year, waiting for a phone call to set them loose into the world. I'm grateful for the moments we got to share in the CM trail, the beautiful and the insidious. I hope you get revved up by these rockers, the way I do."


released January 22, 2021

Kris Kohl: All Vocals and Guitars. Bass on tracks 3, 4, 5, 7
Cesar Ruiz: Bass on tracks 1, 2, 6, 9
Kurt Walcher: Drums on tracks 1, 2, 6, 9
Seth Ponzo: Drums on tracks 3, 4, 5, 7

CM All-Stars:
Trever Ducote
Bryce Kozlowski
Ben Velazco
Josh Begay
Sky O'Connell

Design and Layout: Trever Ducote
Recorded and Mixed by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studios, Palo Alto, CA 2017-2018
Mastered by Cesar Ruiz, Phoenix, AZ 2020
Released Online via Phat 'N' Phunky


all rights reserved



Phat 'n' Phunky San Jose, California

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